Brand: Dorothy Perkins (Arcadia)
Product Category: Non-clothing
Our Services: Project Management / Store surveys / CAD drawings for manufacture / scope / scheduling / installation / electrical / decoration / recycling.
Our Involvement: We were asked by Arcadia to work hand in hand with the manufacturer to complete an intense programme of works to update the current none clothing equipment. Each installation was variable in size with many skill sets to achieve a brand new concept with minimal disruption to the store.
Timescales: Based on a 5 man team to include decorator/electrician and joiners… With up to 4 stores per night per team to complete over 400 stores in 2 years.

Brand: HSBC
Product Category: Finance
Our Services: Project management / scheduling / installation / warehousing / recycling.
Our Involvement: We were asked by the manufacturer to update existing poster frames and window displays into HSBC branches across the UK. This included taking delivery of all equipment, the removal of existing and installation of new panels and the redecoration of areas badly effected by removal.
Timescales: With over 10 skilled operatives to complete over 800 sites in 5 weeks.

Brand: COOP
Product Category: Electrical SDA
Our Services: Survey / scheduling / installation / electrical.
Our Involvement: To introduce working LED TVs and SDAs (Small Domestic Appliances) on to the sales floor. Remove and rebuild new concept shelving. Provide new feeds to enable working TVs and DVDs.
Timescales: With four 3 man teams per night to complete 48 stores in 2 weeks.

Brand: ASDA
Product Category: NEW STORE “One Team Fits All”
Our Services: Project management / pre-start meetings / scheduling / installation / electrical / joinery.
Our Involvement: We were asked by the shelving manufacturer to complete a whole new store fit out of all fixturisation and associated items inclusive of electrical works into new ASDA stores.
Timescales: Each “New Store” to consist of 20 skilled men to complete all works within a three week period.